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Something Singing


Isn’t there still something singing?

Does it ring in my ears, when there is no other sound?

Is my body vibrating, life pouring through me 

even as I sit perfectly still?


There is something singing as I 

pass the school yard, 

singing in high-pitched laughs and shouts 

they run in circles

they buzz and chase

yelling, chanting

gorgeous sounds landing in my heart.


I don’t always sing

sometimes it happens folding laundry or cooking

sometimes silence is all that I hear

I move in circles around my house 

putting pens where they go, masks where they go

something, something

pierces my ear

it is birds calling 

as if there all along.

I can hear it, feel it, faintly golden

telling each other something

I will never understand

songs run over each other, vivid and clear.


Isn’t there still something singing?

I see buds of almost-leaves on the trees

pushed out magically, overnight

they are humming

vibrating greenly and thickly 

catching my  body 

holding me close.

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