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Blessed Are You, The Architect Our God


Blessed are you, Beautiful One, the Divine, Adonai. We thank you for creating the world, the wondrous world.  We walk the earth daily, we are awed and humbled and joyful for the world’s beauty, it’s daily surprises and  reassurances. Your world, our world is a comfort and a blessing to us, every hour every day.


Blessed are you Adonai. You shaped the human being with wisdom making for us all the openings and vessels of the body.  It is revealed by you, and known to us, that if one of these passageways is open when it should be closed, or blocked when it should be free, we cannot not thrive, breathe, live, or stand before you. Blessed are you Beautiful One, the Divine, Adonai. When you hold us,  we feel our healing begin.

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