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Experts say we may now unmask 

everyone wants to breathe freely

even in smog, even in icy air.

Experts say now we may unmask

ever without a filter between mouth and lungs 

escaping pleated paper, creased cloth 

Eden – it will be Eden.


Eden had only skin and fruit, and

skin of a fruit, pierced by 

Eve’s teeth.

Eden had only trees, 

each one pleasing to the sight

each fruit delicious, exhilarating.

Eden had trees, skin, fruit and

skin of a fruit pierced by

Eve’s teeth.

Eve’s teeth emerged from taut skin

essence of fruit dripped down Eve’s chin.


Eve, foolish, deliberate or brave.

Essence of fruit on her chin, 

Eve, foolish, deliberate or brave

led us from a fairy-tale place to 

everlasting ensnaring tangles of joy, sorrow, anger


Emerging from the fairy-tale, the fable, the fiction to

energetic life, to 


Earth, the truth of it, as it should be, as it is

Eve escaped the fable, the fiction of Eden

emphatically brave.


Everlasting – we are required to be brave, in the face of

emerging variants

exhausted, we trudge onward

exhausted, hungry for fruit

exhausted, we read ourselves fairy-tales.

Is this the true earth?

Earth – exhausted, eternal,

earth – tangles of joy, sorrow, anger

earth, our earth – full, taut skin, pierced by teeth

Eve’s earth – emphatically enticing, ensnaring, exquisite.

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