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Grow Legs and Walk on Sand

How big the net

how huge the sea

how slippery the mesh

as I thrash and struggle

and lie on top of you 

then beside you

then near, then far.

You net is giant

as big as your heart

so why am I afraid?

Why my effort, over and over

to squeeze myself through holes,

to climb up, slip over the side?

Your heart is huge

your net is big.


I’ve been caught this way before

I’ve been caught, and it was not good

I’ve been trapped, dumped out 

onto a dry, inflexible deck

no one threw me back

deciding I was too small 

or too pretty

or too tough.


How big love’s net

how broad, how clever

enticing me

daring me, crying

Stay! Stay and 

see what happens.

Stay and

keep breathing, keep loving

stay, I will keep you in water

I promise

No need to grow legs

and walk on sand.


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