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Things To Do in a Cemetery


Decide on which street to enter

wonder why it matters

tell yourself that this cemetery is really a park –

which it is, and isn’t

go for a long walk

as always, have a destination in mind and never find it

go for a long walk

become drenched with sweat after ten minutes

go for a long walk

remark in your brain how

much less shade here than in 

the actual park, 

the one that is called a park

where you also

go for long walks.


Read headstones

read names on mausoleums

wonder what the inside of a mausoleum looks like

think briefly about breaking in

read headstones

get lost

feel comfortable getting lost

wipe the sweat from the back of your neck

know that it will be replaced, instantly

read headstones

think about your father’s headstone

which says only his name

your mother’s decision

-- it was cheaper that way

be angry at her – cost didn’t matter

angry at her – it could have said father, writer, teacher

angry that it was up to her.


Go for a long walk

read headstones

think about getting a plot for yourself

wipe the sweat from the back of your neck.


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